Wilmington 1740

Failed 1764/65 settlement of Charles Town [i1]
Though laid out as early as 1733, in 1740 the Assembly in New Bern passed “an Act to erect a Village called Newtown on Cape Fear River into a township by the name of Wilmington.” 

“The first attempt to plant a settlement on Cape Fear River was made without success by some New England adventurers in 1660. Four years later a party of royalist refugees from Barbados established a colony near the mouth of the river, where, in 1665, they were joined by other Barbadians under Sir John Yeamans who had been appointed governor. The settlement [Charles Town], which contained a population of about 800 and extended for several miles up the river, was erected into the county of Clarendon. Its prospects were not good and Governor Yeamans soon abandoned it, returned to Barbados, and later joined the colony which the Lords Proprietors had planted on the Ashley and Cooper rivers of which he was appointed governor. The Lords Proprietors, who directed all their energies toward building up the rival settlement to the southward, took but little interest in the Cape Fear colony, and the settlers, after suffering many hardships, abandoned it in 1667. READ COMPLETE POST...