Beaufort 1713

Detail from Mercator-Hondius Map 1610 [i1]
“The Indians who inhabited the Core Sound area before the white settlers arrived were of the Coree tribe. Most likely they were of the Iroquoian family, as were their more numerous Tuscarora neighbors. Little is definitely known about the tribe. It may be assumed that they were once a rather numerous group, but by the time of the arrival of settlers into their area, their number had been reduced by intertribal conflicts to the extent that John Lawson, surveyor-general of North Carolina, described them as having only twenty-five fighting men during the first decade of the eighteenth century. 

“Before white settlers entered their area, the Coree had two villages. One of these was located on the north side of the Straits of Core Sound which separates Harkers Island from the mainland, a location not more than seven miles east of the present site of Beaufort nor more than eight miles north of Cape Lookout. The other village was located on the west side of Newport River, but the exact spot cannot be given…READ COMPLETE POST...